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Pasi Niemi, student of Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.), studied smooth particle hydrodynamics method in his thesis and evaluated the method as a tool to be used in ship design process.

For example preparing for collissions caused by waves can help to minimise the damage. The collision simulations and analyses enables it.

As an addition to our previous blog, we will now demonstrate Hypermesh capability to defeature detailed geometry to obtain more challenging coarse FE-mesh. 

Product models have become a standard in ship design and in nearly every project a product model is available. Our longtime desire has been to take full advantage of the already available geometry and avoid double work when creating FE-model.

Let's take a closer look at the feNode object, better known as the node. This gives us a solid understanding of how to configure the object properties. 

Hi! We're participating on discussion how to use Femap in the LinkedIn Femap-Suomi (Femap Finland) forum ( We will every now and then publish small introductions to a subject familiar to us, mainly Femap API programming. We will also publish the same texts on SDS Aura homepage later on. Here is the first text on the concept of objects with regard to FemapAPI programming.

Feb 08. 2013 by Jussi Puurula

Modelling of Ship's Global FE-model

Video - Modelling a Ship's Global FE Model