SDS Aura Oy acquired the business operations of Aasaplan Oy.

Wed, 12/31/2014 - 12:18

SDS Aura Oy, the Finnish naval architect and engineering company, has acquired the business operations of Aasaplan Oy. The employees and business operations of Aasaplan Oy will be merged to SDS Aura Oy in 1st of January 2015. SDS Aura Oy, founded in 2010, provides Marine Engineering services to other engineering companies, shipyards and ship owners. The company’s head office are located in Turku and has a smaller office in Jyväskylä.

“With this acquisition we will be able to provide wider scope of services. With our 10 specialist and our partner companies we will be able to participate in larger projects and we can provide structural design, FE-analysis and hull inspection. The merger will double our capacity and further strengthen our goal to maintain the high quality and customer focused services also in the future”, says Mr. Janne Auvinen, Managing Director of SDS Aura Oy. 

Janne Auvinen

SDS Aura Oy
Managing Director
Structural Analysis, M.Sc.

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