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What we do

SDS Aura is a marine engineering company specialized in ship design, strength and vibration analysis, inspections and consultations in shipbuilding, offshore and other nautical devices. Our services can be utilized for all kind of ship structure projects: new buildings, retrofits and conversions. 

Our specialists have several years of experience in the shipbuilding industry and structural engineering of ships. Our core expertise lies in the knowledge and understanding of ship structure production and design.

References speak for themselves. If you are interested please, see a more detailed description of our services.

Where we come from

SDS Aura Ltd stands for Structural Design Solutions and Aura, Finland is the hometown of our Managing Director. MD Janne Auvinen founded the company in 2010 in his own premises, and soon after hired his first employee. Back then the operations were focused only on strength and vibration analysis. Number of new employees were hired by 2014 and SDS Aura’s operations were moved to the new business premises in the centre of Turku.  The new premises were divided with Aasaplan Ltd which was specialized in the design, inspections and consultations of steel structures in shipbuilding, offshore and other nautical devices.

In January 2015 SDS Aura acquired the business operations of Aasaplan Ltd. The CEO of Aasaplan Ltd was Tommi Suominen, who is currently the Chairman of the Board and the Senior Specialist of SDS Aura. Due to this merger SDS Aura is now enabled to offer Customers even more comprehensive entities for different commissions.

At the moment our company employs approx. 20 specialists and our offices are located in Turku and Äänekoski, Finland.