Specialized in structural design and technical analysis.

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Managing Director

Janne Auvinen, M.Sc. (Mech. Eng.)

Tel. +358 40 5832138

Chairman of the Board, Senior Specialist

Tommi Suominen, B.Sc (Naval Architect)

Tel. +358 40 7215142

Design Manager, Hull Design

Marko Ikkala, Shipbuilding Technician

Tel. +358 44 5312886

Design Manager, Technical Analysis

Ilkka Luotonen, M.Sc. (Mech. Eng.)

Tel. +358 50 4284099

General Manager, Finance

Hanna-Maija Oksa, B.Sc, Diploma in BA

Tel. +358 50 3733174

Management Assistant, Sales & Marketing

Janette Aaltonen, BBA International Business

Tel. +358 40 7564649

Email: firstname.lastname(at)etteplan.com

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