Continuous Development 

Performance Development

Standing still is not an option. Therefore, we are continuously developing our performance. In every task we seek for improvement to inflict efficiency and reliability.

SDS Aura’s performance development is comprised of

Efficient FE-procedure

We have custom Femap and Hypermesh tools for FE-modeling, loading, checking, post-processing and reporting. Our macro library is continuously growing as our specialists develop and produce new solutions in every project.

Accumulated knowledge

From various projects, ship types and classification rules we have assembled classification calculation sheets, deeper structural knowledge and reliable working methods.


With strong innovative mind-set and skillful team, our company can answer extensively to customer’s demands. The separate software we have developed, Femap’s application programming interface and calculation sheets can be adjusted to complete high-end and professional solutions.


Last but not least all of our performance development aims for doing right things with minimal costs for our customers and designing innovative solutions in less time.


Please see a video below that demonstrates what efficient software development and API programming can produce.

The demonstration is of modelling the global model of a ship. The video is presented with normal speed.


The video can also be seen from this link: Ship's global FE modelling with API.

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