Technical Analysis

We offer FE analysis and structural design to ensure the strength, stability and dynamic response (vibration) of the steel structures of ships. We can provide FE analysis to achieve the approval of the Classification Society and other related authorities.  Our technical analysis services can also be used for all kind of ship structure projects: new buildings, retrofits and conversions.

Ship structures

Our experienced naval engineers are providing structural design and basic design of ship structures.

The strength of a steel hull can be ensured with both global and local FE analysis. The global FE model of a ship can be modelled easily and effectively with our FEM software. Due to our API-programming using models from Aveva, NAPA etc. or 2D -drawings is enabled. Local models can also be effectively refined from global models with our mesh refine tools.

We have several years of experience in analyzing and designing ships' dynamic response proven with real-life successful projects and full scale measurements. We can simulate vibration response even at the early design stage and work with designers all the way. Vibration analysis requires special knowledge in structural damping, deck masses, the behavior of water mass in vibrations, excitations, allowable vibration responses etc.

Steel structures

We offer technical analysis and design for steel structures. We comply our technical analysis according to various rules and regulations.

  • Service bridges
  • Ultimate strength
  • Fatigue strength (Hot Spot, Notch effect method, Nominal Stress etc.)
  • Strength under seismic loads
  • Stability
  • Dynamic analysis (natural frequency, forced response)

Vibration measurements

We provide vibration measurements for ships with our own measurements equipment according the shipbuilding standards.


We use Femap with NX Nastran and Hyperworks as FEM software in our Finite Element Analysis.

We have customized Femap and developed numerous ship-specific tools for modelling and postprocessing with Femap's application programming interface (API). To learn more about our software development, visit Performance Development, where you can see an example video of the effective modelling procedure of the ship's global model.

Extremely innovative and useful applications have been developed also for fulfilling the requirements of Classification Societies (loading, postprocessing, reporting etc.). By customizing our software we are enabled to provide our customers money and resource saving solutions.